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Diversion Sports Media, LLC

Diversion Sports
Media, LLC

Diversion Sports Media was founded in 2020  to help athletes at the High school and College levels with creative and premium content both in written form through our articles, through the use of pictures and also graphics.-Together with our network of professionals in the industry from media, coaches at the high school or college level, as well as others. Our mission is simple. To provide all deserving atheltes with a platform to spotlight and showcase their talents regardless of stars or rankings. We cover players with a sole focus of being a good character athlete’s both on-and-off the field. Diversion Sports is committed to the advancement of young men and women in sports through empowering them with not only a platform, but also thought the power of education. 

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Diversion Sports Management

Diversion Sports Management is our sports marketing company that focuses on helping athletes with scholarship offers, marketing, NIL & Brand management. We manage, educate and promote athletes to our network which is comprised of college football coaches, and others in the profession as well as fans. 

tdrecruits.com is our news and media agency. Premium content on high school and college football with a focus on recruiting news. tdrecruits mission is simple. Check out more. Here


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