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Established in 2019, Diversion Sports Media LLC is a dynamic multimedia enterprise overseeing two thriving entities within its umbrella: tdrecruits.com and Diversion Sports Management.

At the helm is Diversion Sports Media, our parent company, which orchestrates the symphony of our news media venture, tdrecruits.com, specializing in comprehensive coverage of high school football recruiting and athletes. Currently, we are deeply rooted in the vibrant landscape of Texas high school football, with aspirations to extend our influence across the nation.

Beyond the realms of tdrecruits.com, Diversion Sports Media nurtures another thriving branch in Diversion Sports Management (DSM). At DSM, our primary mission is to serve as the steward for champion-caliber high school and college athletes. We offer a suite of services encompassing brand management, recruiting assistance, guidance through the transfer portal, and support related to Name, Image, and Likeness (N.I.L).

In tandem with our two dynamic brands, tdrecruits.com and Diversion Sports Management, and bolstered by a rich network of professional connections within our industry, we empower champion-caliber high school and college athletes. Our focus gravitates towards individuals possessing FBS, FCS, Division I caliber talent, while embodying impeccable character both on and off the field. For those talented athletes not yet Division I eligible, we offer guidance and support to navigate the developmental path through the Division II, III, and JUCO levels.

A cornerstone of our approach lies in our unbiased evaluation and analysis of athletes. This impartiality resonates with college coaches and universities keen on augmenting their teams with champion-caliber football players at both high school and collegiate levels. Athletes we endorse are not merely promoted but also mentored, educated, and strategically transferred to some of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

Our network is the lifeblood of our operation, and we are deeply interwoven with college football coaches and institutions at all tiers. Our mission extends beyond athletes and parents; we also consider college football coaches as our valued clients. Our commitment to them is to help meet their teams’ needs with champion-caliber athletes.

In essence, Diversion Sports Media stands as a catalyst in the realm of high school football recruitment and athlete representation, where athletes are polished into champions and coaches find the missing pieces of their championship puzzle. As we look to the future, our aspirations are not confined to football alone; we are poised to extend our expertise to other sports, helping athletes shine and coaches thrive on a broader stage.

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Diversion Sports Media, LLC owns tdrecruits.com and Diversion Sports Management. Our two separate brands work as a team to help student-athletes. 


tdrecruits.com is our news and media agency. tdrecruits mission is simple. To provide premium high school prospect recruiting news, stats, & analysis. Champions are found here. More on them. Here


diversion Sports Management

At Diversion Sports Management, we represent the best champion-caliber High School & College athletes with brand management, recruiting, transfer portal help, and N.I.L.

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