2024 Pre-Season Recruits to Know

With the 2023 season upon us, we are highlighting some of our top recruits to know this year at every class. This week are taking a look at some of the top 2024 class recruits college football coaches should know and be aware of going into the fall if they don’t already. So we are going to dive right into our top senior recruits. The list and evaluations are below.

Top Elite 2024 Recruits to Know List

Stephen Gill Jr.(’24) |6-1, 195 |QB |St. John’s
Preston Huneycutt(’24) |6-4,255 |OT, IOL |Hutto
CJ Miller(’24) |6′ , 215 |MLB |Anna
Jed Olotu-Judah(’24) |6-1, 180 |CB, S, |Katy
Lane Stockton(’24) |6-1, 170 |QB |Tomball Memorial
Ty Brown(’24) |6-4. 205 |QB |Waco Midway
Blake Holt(’24) |6-1, 200 |LB |Tomball Memorial
Antonio Meza(’24) |6′ / 170 |QB |Warren
Anthony Rodriquez(’24) |6-2 / 350OL |Hutto
Jaylen Petty(’24) |6-2/215LB |Connally
Austin Gordon(’24) |5-11QB |St.Pauls (MD)
Jackson Arnot(24′) |6-1, 185 |QB |Vista Ridge

Evaluations of Recruits

Stephen Gill Jr. (’24) | 6-1, 185 | QB | St. Johns

A quarterback from St. John’s whose recruitment is heating up and he is starting to receive offers. Stephen features a strong arm with excellent accuracy. The pocket presence is elite and Stephen is able to set back in the pocket and pick defenders apart. With his quick decision-making ability under pressure and quick release, Stephen is able to make great throws every single time and pick up yardage or touchdowns. Austin Peay has offered Gill, along with interest from Brown, Houston, Penn, and Rice.

Preston Huneycutt (’24) | 6-4,255 | OT, IOL | Hutto

Huneycutt is an offensive lineman from Hutto who has the size and talent to be a contributor to any team at the next level. Preston featured great technique and can be projected to play either guard or tackle at the next level because of his great understanding of the game, and pass-blocking and run-blocking skills which allow him to dominate in the trenches. Honeycutt has already received interest and offers from different programs.

CJ Miller (’24) | 6′ , 215 | MLB | Anna

A break-out senior season is on the horizon for Miller who is a middle linebacker with excellent instincts and a nose for the ball. With great lateral speed and agility, Miller can come flying downhill or run sideline to sideline and deliver devastating blows to ball carriers. With his great athleticism, Miller is able to make plays all over the field and opposing teams’ backfields. Miller has been busy this season and has been traveling to campuses receiving interest from several college programs including Texas Tech, Baylor, UNLV, and others.

Jed Olotu-Judah (’24) | 6-1, 180 | CB, S, | Katy

Jed is a cornerback with a lengthy frame, and long arms and possesses excellent athleticism. With his great footwork and ability, Jed is able to keep up with even the fastest of receivers, trailing them stride for stride. Olotu-Judah has already received interest and offers from college programs, including Texas State, Army, UIW, Lamar and others.

Aiden Kaplan (24′) | 6-3, 278 | IOL, OL | Lake Creek

Aiden is a dominating offensive lineman who came to us with no offers and is now proudly committed to playing Division I football and living out his dream at his next home at the next level with the Northwestern State Demons Football team, and we could not be any prouder of Kaplan.

Ty Brown (’24) | 6-4. 205 | QB | Waco Midway

Ty has the ability to make the deep throws and hit receivers downfield and in stride for massive yardage gains or touchdowns. With his next-level size and talent, being an ultimate competitor and a good character kid. Brown has the ability to bring any program a quarterback who can produce and contribute to an FBS team.

Blake Holt (’24) | 6-1, 200 | LB | Tomball Memorial

A breakout season is upon us for a linebacker who can play standing up, or with his hands in the dirt rushing off the edge. Holt has a lengthy athletic-looking frame with long arms and room for more mass to add to his body. We think Blake will be a standout player and a pivotal piece of the puzzle for Tomball Memorials’ defense this season after already proving his ability as a player to know last season.

Antonio Meza (’24) | 6′ / 170 | QB | Warren

Don’t sleep on quarterbacks from the central Texas area. Meza is a talented quarterback who started turning heads last season and this summer for San Antonio Warren. Meza features velocity and elite accuracy on all of his throws with proper mechanics. In addition to his ability, his character, and academics are second to none and Meza is a great athlete who is a leader on the team and contributor to his community.
Anthony Rodriquez
(’24) | 6-2 / 350 OL | Hutto

Anthony is a raw offensive lineman who has been working hard this off-season to get in better shape and sharpen his skills and technique. With his size and skills, Anthony can be an anchor in the interior of the offensive line for an FBS or FCS caliber team or lower level who can continue to develop and move the pile for any team.

Jaylen Petty (’24) | 6-2/215 LB | Connally

Petty can be a dominating force on the defensive side of the football with his physicality, speed, and tackling ability. Petty also has the next-level size and skills division I programs are looking for in a linebacker who can dominate from the middle linebacker position and or be a force rushing off the edge. Connally has been long known for producing top-tier talent and Jaylen is no exception.

Austin Gordon (’24) | 5-11 QB | St.Pauls (MD)

Gordon is a quarterback who despite being a bit below average sized of your typical Division I quarterback can pick apart defenses and torch them through the air. Watching his film you will see a quarterback who can make all of the throws look routine whether that be over the middle, towards the sidelines, or deep down the field. Austin recently received an offer from Stevenson College and is primed to pick up plenty more this year after a hardworking and terrific off-season.

Jackson Arnot (24′) | 6-1, 185 | QB | Vista Ridge

Jackson is a quarterback with average to above average size for a quarterback who is a gunslinger out of the central Texas area flying under many radars at the moment. We believe Jackson’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to making it to the next level really showed his love for the game and he is primed to have a breakout our senior season. An FBS to FCS caliber prospect who has a nice quick release who can spread the ball around the field well, split defenders by throwing the football into tight windows, and or take the football in himself with his athleticism, speed, and agility.

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