2025 Texas High School Football Recruits to Invite this Spring

Texas is known for producing some of the best high school football talent in the country. To help colleges and coaches identify the top prospects from the class of 2025, we have compiled a list of standout recruits who deserve invitations to spring football events across the nation.

2025 Recruits Worthy of Spring Invites

Edward Chumley |5’11, 170 |RB |Anna
Christopher Macias |5’10 230 |DL |Alvin
Erion Wilkins |6-2,170|DB, ATH |Atascocita
George Rogers |5-6, 160 |RB |Anna
Jesse Vasquez |6’3 275 |OL |Anna
Noah Grier |5’11” 205 |LB |Northwest
Marshall Tucker |6’3 235 |DL, Edge |Legacy Christian Academy
Johnathan Pompey |5-7, 175 |RB |Shoemaker
Cayden Keeth |6-3, 185 |QB |SA Southside
Jett Lewis |6-3, 175 |QB |Bridgeland
Mikey Moshier |6’2 205 |QB |Silsbee


Edward Chumley | 5’11, 170 | RB | Anna 

Edward “James” Chumley played a pivotal role in leading the Anna High School Coyotes to a state tile game victory. He was named Offensive MVP of the game, thanks to his impressive performance of 102 yards rushing and scoring 3 touchdowns. Throughout the season, Chumley stood out as one of the best backs in the league and is considered a high-caliber recruit, from FBS to FCS level.

Christopher Macias | 5’10 230 | DL | Alvin

Christopher had an impressive 2023 season, catching the attention of many programs. Playing in the interior defensive trenches, Macias has a talent for making tackles for loss and can easily reach the backfield for sacks or quarterback pressures.

Erion Wilkins | 6-2,170| DB, ATH | Atascocita

Erion is next up for Atascocita as the next great defensive back with versatility and lockdown ability. Holding his own and dominating against the tough 6A division competition that Texas High School football has to offer. Erion just didn’t make it barley he made plays like having plenty of PBU’s and or INTs. He will be a recruit with plenty of stars and offers next to his name soon. 

George Rogers | 5-6, 160 | RB | Anna

Rogers is a skilled running back for Anna who can outwit defenses with his quickness and agility, often scoring touchdowns whenever he carries the ball. He played a key role in helping Anna reach the state championship game and secure the victory.

Jesse Vasquez | 6’3 275 | OL | Anna

Jesse proved to be a dominating interior offensive lineman at the next level, opening gaps for running backs in the trenches and helping his team secure a state title victory in 2023.

Noah Grier | 5’11” 205 | LB | Northwest

Grier is an outstanding football player who possesses remarkable speed and agility to cover the field from sideline to sideline. He has a natural instinct for finding the football and is adept at stopping runs for loss of yards. With a lean, athletic frame and well-built muscle mass, Grier is expected to improve even further during the offseason. He is projected to become a top-tier recruit at the FBS or FCS level by 2024.

Marshall Tucker | 6’3 235 | Edge | Legacy Christian Academy

Marshall is a highly versatile athlete who possesses the ability to play multiple positions, whether that is in the interior of the defensive line, on the edge as a defensive end, or standing up as a linebacker. With his exceptional athleticism, we could even see him playing tight end at the next level. His size, explosion, speed, and agility make him a dominating force, and we can expect great things from him in 2024 as he continues to progress.

Johnathan Pompey | 5-7, 175 | RB | Shoemaker

Jonathan is a running back who demonstrates bursts of speed and athleticism while carrying the ball. He’s got great vision running in between the tackles and can break runs off to the outside for long gains or touchdowns. An elusive runner who can also catch passes out of the backfield, making him a versatile option for offensive play. Taking all aspects into consideration, currently, Jonathan appears to be a recruit for FCS caliber or lower level.

Cayden Keeth | 6-3, 185 | QB | SA Southside

Cayden is undoubtedly a skilled athlete with the capability to play at the FBS to FCS level. He possesses the ideal size for a next-level athlete playing as a quarterback. He excels in both short and intermediate passing games, as well as throws deep balls accurately, hitting receivers downfield at distances of 50 plus yards. All his throws have the right amount of velocity and accuracy. Cayden demonstrates proper footwork and mechanics, and he does an excellent job of quickly releasing the football on three-step drops. However, his timing with receivers and decision-making in reading defenses require improvement. He also showcases flashes of elite speed and agility on tape, adding more to Cayden’s value as a quarterback because defenses have to account for both his throwing ability and his ability to run with the ball.

Jett Lewis | 6-3, 175 | QB | Bridgeland

Jett is a prototypical-sized quarterback who has a lengthy athletic frame and can launch the football deep downfield hitting receivers in stride. He is one of the top-rated and ranked players in the 2025 class in the state of Texas.  Lewis has excellent timing with receivers and mechanics throwing the football along with great ball placement. Putting the football where only his receivers can catch the football. Lewis shows elite velocity and accuracy on all throws and is an FBS caliber recruit.

Mikey Moshier | 6’2 205 | QB | Silsbee

Mikey is definitely a quarterback of FBS to FCS caliber and will be one of the top in his class in the state. His size and frame are average to above average for his position at the next level. Mikey has a quick release, excellent timing, and throws accurately to his receivers. He can also throw the deep ball effortlessly and hit receivers downfield from 30-50 yards. However, there are some instances where receivers have to wait for the ball, so there is still room for improvement. Mikey controls the pocket well, can handle pressure, and delivers a nice catchable pass. He can roll to either side and deliver a strike to receivers on the run. His footwork and mechanics look professionally trained.